• What Are Motorcycle Fairings & What Materials Are Fairings Made Of?

    Posted by Laura Moores

    Motorcycle fairings are one of the most essential components of a motorcycle. The fairings not only display the overall appearance of the motorcycle, but they also help improve the riding performance while protecting the rider against the road & weather conditions. Unfortunately, not many riders are aware of what fairings are and what materials are used to manufacture motorcycle fairings (so, we aim to help inform you through this blog).

    Having the necessary knowledge around what motorcycle fairing kits are and what materials are used to manufacture fairings, will significantly help you make an educated decision when the time comes for you to purchase a new set of fairings for your own motorcycle.

    Let's start with some basics. Firstly, there are several terms used synonymously when speaking about motorcycle fairings kits. You may hear phrases such as, "motorcycle fairings", "fairing kits", "motorcycle plastics", a "set of fairings", and so on. To help illustrate, below is an example motorcycle fairing kit beautifully crafted by KingsMotorcycleFairings.com

    KingsMotorcycleFairings.com is your #1 Source for OEM Quality Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairings

    Secondly, it's worth mentioning that motorcycle fairings can be manufactured and purchased as full fairing kit sets, as well as, manufactured and purchased as individual fairing pieces. The primary fairing pieces that make up motorcycle fairing kits are...

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  • The World's Most Expensive Motorcycles in 2015

    Posted by John Speights

    Men have always been passionate about motorcycles as most believe it to be a style statement to vroom on their vehicle of choice. To meet the varied tastes of men in motorcycles, different companies across the world, have manufactured a wide range of luxurious bikes. Motorbikes not only allow you to travel comfortably, but also let you appear effortlessly stylish. Leading global brands like Yamaha, Hayabusa, Kawasaki and Suzuki have manufactured luxurious motorcycles in various styles and colors to give men extensive choices when they take their pick. If you personally feel that motorcycles are awesome, then you must know about the top model and most expensive motorcycles of 2015. Here is the list:

    •  MTT Turbine Streetfighter

     With a price range of $175,000, this bike features an extremely powerful turban engine from Rolls Royce. This extremely powerful  engine helps run the bike at a high speed. The bike has a very sturdy  body, made of high quality fiber and aluminum. 

    • Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter –

    Designed by Confederate Motor Co., this bike has been manufactured mainly with steel. This is what makes it appear absolutely unique. By adding a couple of sportbike fairings, you can add to the style quotient of this vehicle. 

    • Icon Sheene

    Coming from one of the most renowned British bike companies, Barry Sheena, this bike surely deserves a spot amongst the top motorcycles of the world. The bike is equipped with a 1400cc engine that comes along with a charger. In order to make the vehicle appear all the more unique, it has been hand-painted. With all these top notch features, this bike doesn’t come cheap. You will have to shell out $172,000 to bring this beauty home. 

    • Coventry Eagle –
    This is one of the oldest models of motorbikes, with an age slightly less than a hundred. This bike has purely been designed for classy and experienced riders. If you truly believe that old is gold, this is the bike that you should keep an eye on. This heritage bike is priced at $120,000. 
    • Harley Davidson Rocker

    This is another famous bike that deserves to be listed among the top motorbikes of the world. The bike was adapted from a reputed German company, known as 'House of Thunder'. Quite obviously, all the mechanical details of the bike showcase superior class and quality. Harley Davidson Rocker is popular because of its 37 degrees inclination between the front and the rear. This makes the bike look all the more stylish. 

    Apart from these, Hub Less Harley Davidson, Ecosse FE Ti XX, Gold Plated Custom Chopper, Ultra-rare Porcupine and Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia are some of the other models that are worth mentioning.

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  • What Type of Material is Used in Motorcycle Fairings?

    Posted by John Speights

    Fairings are one of the most essential accessories of a motorcycle since they not only help improve the vehicle’s performance and protect the rider against weather conditions (rain, cold winds etc), but also make the vehicle appear all the more stylish. However, not many riders are aware of the materials used to manufacture motorcycle fairings. If you too belong to this league, it’s time to learn a few things about them. After all, in order to choose the right motorcycle fairings, you need to know about the different materials with which fairings are made of.

     Here’s a brief account of the materials used to create motorcycle fairings:

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) - This plastic is known for its strength, flexibility and durability, apart from being light weight. It is most commonly used for creating fairings for sport bikes. Some aftermarket fairing manufacturers also use it, thanks to its impressive features that combine the rigidity and strength of styrene and acrylonitrile with the robustness of polybutadiene rubber. ABS is preferred by many as it is resistant to scratch and protects the riders from flying debris. Originally, ABS was created to ensure the best protection to the rider in case s/he faces any type of accident. However, some experts dealing with motorcycle accessories and fairings say that as compared to other modern materials, ABS may be a little fragile and tend to get ruined easily in case an accident involves a massive force. If you are wondering how to make motorcycle fairings using ABS, two common methods employed are injection molds and compression molds respectively.

    Fiberglass – This material is made of woven fibers and is largely used as a reinforcing agent for a lot of polymer products. Motorcycle fairings made of this material are mainly used on the race track. Usually, fiberglass is more durable and lighter than ABS plastic. In case your fiberglass fairings are damaged, you can repair them by applying new coats of woven fiberglass cloth combined with a polymer such as epoxy, over the damaged part, after which sanding and finishing should be done.

    Carbon fiber reinforced polymer – This is the lightest but one of the most expensive materials used in motorcycle fairings. Fairings made up of this material are mainly used for extreme racing and sport motorcycles.

    Now that you know about the different types of material used in motorcycle fairings, you can make an informed choice while buying motorcycle fairing kits for your precious vehicle.

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  • Easy Remedies to Remove Scratches and Scuffs from Motorcycle Fairing

    Posted by John Speights

    Men take a special pride in owning a high-end motorcycle and are often very particular about maintaining it to its peak performance and aesthetic appeal. With the amount of pollution and traffic a bike has to face, it is only natural that the fairing has scratches and scuffs within few years of buying the vehicle. If these scratches are ignored for too long, the motorcycle is bound to get rusted and lose its shine in the long run.

    Ways to Remove Scratches from Fairings

    While there are certain techniques to remove the scratches from your fairings, beyond a certain level, the simple step would be to just replace it. With OEM motorcycle fairings available for a majority of makes and models, you can repair or replace the damaged fairings and get your bike restored to its previous glory easily.

    Do it yourself

    If you decide to remove the scratches on your own, you would require the following materials like grit sandpaper, microfiber clothes, shop towels, wax, utility knife etc. The process would involve various steps like:

    • Sanding and getting rid of all the debris
    • Filling the dents and valleys
    • Smoothening the surface to make it ready for painting
    • Cleaning the surface
    • Applying primer coat
    • Applying the desired color coat
    • Finishing it with a clear coat
    • Patiently assessing and giving the finishing touches to the neglected areas
    • Waxing to give it a shiny look

     Though it is an elaborate process, you have to decide if you are going to enjoy it. If not, you may just opt for one of those motorcycle fairing kits specific to your motorcycle brand.

    Fairing Kits

    OEM motorcycle fairings are compatible with many of the popular brands such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Aprilla, and more. It’s important to here that sportbike fairings are the ones that require frequent cleaning or replacements due to their extensive usage. Whether you need Hayabusa motorcycle fairing Kit  or need fairings for other brands like Suzuki TL 1000R, GSX 650F, Yamaha YZF-R6, YZF1000RM or any other high-end model, you can find them at leading online and offline stores that stock fairing kits for a wide variety of major brands and models.

    Custom Fairing Kits

    There are times when these motorcycle fairings won’t match your bike. In such cases, you have the option to order custom-made fairings. You just have to pick the basic design and share all the details that you wish to incorporate in them.

    What’s included in a fairing kit?

    Most often, reputed companies offer fairing kits that include heat shields, high quality paint, ready-to-fit injection molded fairings, tabs, inserts, seat cowl, matching upper cowl, grip style tank pad, etc. In addition to these, you would have a free option to swap color or make changes, if there is any discoloration.

    It is now your choice to take the DIY route or procure one of those readily offered fairing to get rid of those scratches and scuffs from your motorcycle fairings.

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  • Motorcycle Fairing - The making of a OEM Grade Motorcycle Fairing

    Posted by John Speights

    The making of a OEM Grade Motorcycle Fairing

    You see motorcycle fairing options listed all over the internet.  OEM grade motorcycle fairings from the manufacture can $2,000 to $4,000 for your average sports bike (Ninja, CBR etc).  But, keep in mind the same exact manufacturing process is used (injection molding) in after market ABS motorcycle fairings.


    Motorcycle Fairings, Let's step back for a minute

    When I say, 'the same exact manufacturing methods', I talking about motorcycles fairings from Kings Motorcycle Fairings.  Most of the fairings you see on ebay and around the web are PVC based, low grade compressed fairing kits.  Even some of the ABS injection model aftermarket motorcycle fairing kits are questionable at best.  You will noticed kits with a flashy paint job going for about $250 to $400.  In that price range I can assure you installation headaches and fitment issues.  


    You don't have to pay OEM prices to get OEM quality and perfect fitment.  When shopping ask the following questions: 

    Do you use virgin/ high quality ABS plastics?

    Are these truly injection mold abs fairings or compressed fairings (compressed fairings will always need manual fitment fixes

    • What is your paint process?
    • How do you packing and ship them (broken fairing pieces because of poor packaging is typical)?
    • Do you provide bolts?
    • Do you provide a wind screen?
    • Is the motorcycle fairing windscreen compressed or molded?
    • Do you provide wind screen bolts?


    All of these are important questions.  You don't want to be without the correct OEM motorcycle fairing bolts, a good windscreen (compressed or injection molded) and windscreen bolts.  


    Do yourself a favor.  When shopping for ABS motorcycle fairings skip ebay.  You just don't know what your getting on ebay.  Do your research.  Ask around on social media and get example pictures from forums from people who have purchased them from online retailers. It will save you a lot of time and headaches. 

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