• How To Do A Stoppie On Your Motorcycle

    Posted by Laura Moores

    How To Do A Stoppie on Your Motorcycle by KingsMotorcycleFairings.com

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    A motorcycle “stoppie”, also referred to as a nose wheelie, is a very exciting and extremely dangerous stunt to learn. A stoppie is when the back wheel of your motorcycle is lifted off of the ground and you are riding the bike solely on the front wheel. The stoppie motorcycle trick comes with great risks of injury and bike damage, so we highly recommend learning this stunt only if you are already an advanced or experienced motorcycle rider. Now, before we dive into “How to do a stoppie” our team at KingsMotorcyleFairings.com wants to discuss the safety measures that should be seriously considered before attempting this new trick.

    How to Prepare

    Again, stoppies are extremely dangerous. When learning any new trick on your motorcycle you always want to make sure you are taking the highest precautions and protecting yourself as much as possible. The safety measures are similar to when you are riding on the street, so you should always be wearing protective body gear and a high quality Helmet. It also would be a good idea to invest in knee pads, elbow pads and ankle pads. The more protection the better, given that there is a high probability of falling off, face planting or tipping your motorcycle during the learning process. In addition to keeping yourself protected, you’ll want to practice in a secluded area away from any other vehicles or people to ensure their safety as well as your own. 

    The Secret Sauce

    Once you've located your practice area that is secluded with smooth roads and free from potholes or any other obstructions, it is now time to start your training. Step one, take your speed up to no more than 15mph (anything above this speed multiplies your odds of failure and injury as the difficulty level increases at higher speeds). Once you’re at the right speed, gradually pull the front brake lever until the fork is compressed. Loading the front forks is very important, because it transfers the bikes weight/force to the front before bringing up the rear tire. If this step is not done correctly the bike could possibly slide. While you are pulling in your front brake, start shifting your weight by leaning forward. The back wheel of your motorcycle will now start to rise. While practicing, slowly let go of your front brake before the tire is fully off the ground. This will bring your tire back down, doing this will allow you to get more comfortable with your balance point & bike control during the stunt. As you get more comfortable practicing and learning how to balance, you can gradually start to let your rear tire come higher off the ground during each new attempt. Keep in mind your rear brakes will not help you if you need to come back down, so avoid going too fast or leaning forward too much.

    As a final reminder, this stunt is not one that should be taken lightly as it is difficult and dangerous to perform with a high probability of injury if you do not slowly ease into learning. This trick can also leave your motorcycle fairings and gear damaged, so we recommend weighing out the pros and cons before fully diving in and taking this trick on. It's best to take it slow, remain calm and learn in stages for the best results. Remember to take all of the necessary precautions mentioned earlier and if you are not fully comfortable learning this trick yet, then don't. Thank you, be safe and have fun riding!

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