• Perfect and Simple Techniques to Paint your Motorcycle Fairings

    Posted by Tasawer K

    If you are bored with the appearance of your motorbike, one of the easiest and quickest ways to give it a new look is to paint the fairings of your motorcycle. If you are going to paint motorcycle fairings for the first time, you might wonder what the best procedure to paint motorbike is. Here are some effective tips for painting your motorcycle that will give you an idea of how to paint your motorcycle fairings the right way -

    • First off, remove all the parts of the motorcycle that you are planning to paint. Make sure you follow the users' manual that offers specific instructions for your motorbike. Cover the motorcycle with a cover. This will avoid it being naked during the period of painting. 
    • Rub all the parts that you are planning to paint with wet sand papers. Don't strip the parts to bare metal completely; instead, try to remove the sheen from the original paint. After that, wash all the parts using hot water and soap. 

    • Once all the parts are clearly washed, apply the paint on different parts. Make sure you follow a simple way to paint motorcycle fairings. Shake the spray paint for two or three minutes before you apply the first coat. You should ensure that you have mixed the paint properly. Also, you should ideally either in a temperature-controlled building or when the temperature is within the acceptable range for the task. After you have given your fairings the first coat, spray an even, yet thin coat of paint, on all the parts. 
    • Once done, spray a second coat of paint on all the parts and allow the coat to dry for a night. After a time span of 12 hours or so, make sure all the parts are completely dried. Next, sand all the surfaces with a waterproof, 800 grit sandpaper. 
    • After that, you need to spray a third coat of paint on all the parts separately. Make sure the entire surface is painted evenly. Check if the original color shows up after drying. If yes, consider spraying a few more coats in a similar way.

     Once the entire painting is complete, reinstall the parts following the instructions provided in the users' manual.


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