Men have always been passionate about motorcycles as most believe it to be a style statement to vroom on their vehicle of choice. To meet the varied tastes of men in motorcycles, different companies across the world, have manufactured a wide range of luxurious bikes. Motorbikes not only allow you to travel comfortably, but also let you appear effortlessly stylish. Leading global brands like Yamaha, Hayabusa, Kawasaki and Suzuki have manufactured luxurious motorcycles in various styles and colors to give men extensive choices when they take their pick. If you personally feel that motorcycles are awesome, then you must know about the top model and most expensive motorcycles of 2015. Here is the list:

  •  MTT Turbine Streetfighter

 With a price range of $175,000, this bike features an extremely powerful turban engine from Rolls Royce. This extremely powerful  engine helps run the bike at a high speed. The bike has a very sturdy  body, made of high quality fiber and aluminum. 

  • Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter –

Designed by Confederate Motor Co., this bike has been manufactured mainly with steel. This is what makes it appear absolutely unique. By adding a couple of sportbike fairings, you can add to the style quotient of this vehicle. 

  • Icon Sheene

Coming from one of the most renowned British bike companies, Barry Sheena, this bike surely deserves a spot amongst the top motorcycles of the world. The bike is equipped with a 1400cc engine that comes along with a charger. In order to make the vehicle appear all the more unique, it has been hand-painted. With all these top notch features, this bike doesn’t come cheap. You will have to shell out $172,000 to bring this beauty home. 

  • Coventry Eagle –
This is one of the oldest models of motorbikes, with an age slightly less than a hundred. This bike has purely been designed for classy and experienced riders. If you truly believe that old is gold, this is the bike that you should keep an eye on. This heritage bike is priced at $120,000. 
  • Harley Davidson Rocker

This is another famous bike that deserves to be listed among the top motorbikes of the world. The bike was adapted from a reputed German company, known as 'House of Thunder'. Quite obviously, all the mechanical details of the bike showcase superior class and quality. Harley Davidson Rocker is popular because of its 37 degrees inclination between the front and the rear. This makes the bike look all the more stylish. 

Apart from these, Hub Less Harley Davidson, Ecosse FE Ti XX, Gold Plated Custom Chopper, Ultra-rare Porcupine and Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia are some of the other models that are worth mentioning.

Posted by John Speights