Ever Stall Your Motorcycle? Here’s How to Launch Like a Pro! By KingsMotorcycleFairings.com

Face it, whether you’re a novice who just bought your first motorcycle or an experienced rider having rode for decades, we’ve all had a moment of embarrassment when stalling our motorcycle (with some stall-outs being more obvious, aggressive & violent than others “haha”)!

With that, the team here at KingsMotorcycleFairings.com wants to take a moment to share a few pro tips on how to execute a successful launch and help ensure you can avoid the public embarrassment of a stall again in the future!

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Firstly, why did your motorcycle stall? From a mechanical standpoint, a stall occurs when there is insufficient power being fed to the rear wheel from the engine disallowing the bike from moving forward. Put into other words, the engine is not getting enough gas to push the motorcycle in a forward trajectory off its starting position. 

Secondly, let’s dissect the launch process! Begin by holding the bike steady, center the front wheel and handlebars, and apply pressure to the front brake while the engine is running. Now put it into first gear by pushing your left foot down while the clutch is still pulled in, apply pressure to the rear brake with your right foot (as opposed to squeezing the front brake), so that your throttle hand is in a better posture to effectively control the revs & power.

Final launch steps: Start to slowly release the clutch out of your left hand and increase the power through your throttle (right) hand, carefully feeling for the specific point for when the clutch bites and is in sync with the power of the engine. It’s also important to note that there are varying degrees of throttle and clutch sensitivity across different motorcycle years, makes and models. Lastly, as you gradually release the clutch and reach the point in which the clutch and throttle begin to sync, you can then begin to release your right foot off of the rear brake allowing the motorcycle to power forward in a clean, straightforward path of momentum.

The team here at KingsMotorcycleFairings.com hope that you found this article helpful. If you have extra time, we’d love for you to visit our online store for the largest selection of Motorcycle Fairing Kits, Gear & Accessories!



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KingsMotorcycleFairing.com is Your #1 Source for OEM Quality Aftermarket Fairings!


Posted by Laura Moores