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It’s almost the best time of the year, Spring! After a long winter season we know all of our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts are eager to start up their motorcycles and get out on the roads! As exciting as spring is, it is crucial for the performance and longevity of your motorcycle to properly prepare and inspect your bike before taking it for that first ride of the year. Which is why our team here at wants to share with you some pro tips on how to prepare your motorcycle for the upcoming season!

Preparing Your Motorcycle

    • Tire Pressure - If you are unsure of the correct psi for your motorcycle then it’s best to check your user manual before adding air to your tires. Inspect your tires for any visible cracks, damage and signs of aging. You'll also want to check the tread life of your tires, the general rule of thumb is to replace the tires if they are under 3/32”. 
    • Battery Check - Thoroughly examine your battery, make sure the cables are securely connected and the terminals are clean. If you did not connect your battery to the charger over the winter, it is likely drained and needs to be charged. Pro Tip: Ensure your battery is fully charged before reconnecting it to your motorcycle. 


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      • Fluids - This is the perfect time to change and replace your oil and oil filter if you had not done so in the months prior to winterizing your motorcycle. In addition to changing your oil and filter, check and top off all other fluids within your motorcycle. Including the coolant, brake fluid, transmission oil, hydraulic clutch fluid and fork oil. If you notice any changes in color or consistency of the fluid, it may be time for that specific fluid flush. Also, be sure to check your user manual for the recommended service schedule . (If you're not confident in replacing your oil, oil filter and adding fluids to your motorcycle, we strongly recommend taking your bike to a professional to ensure it is performed correctly). 
      • Belt & Chain - Check your motorcycle chain to ensure there is proper tension according to the manufacturer's specs. Also inspect the drive belt for signs of wear and cracks. Be sure to change the belt (if needed) before riding to prevent your bike from malfunctioning. 
      • Spark Plugs - Inspect your motorcycle's spark plugs for any visible signs of damage, if you find damaged spark plugs we recommend taking the time to replace them or simply take them in to have them replaced by professionals. You’ll also want to ensure the spark plugs are free from dirt or grime, if they have either, simply remove the spark plugs and clean them to ensure proper spark is capable.
      • Riding Gear - Lastly, inspect your motorcycle gear. Thoroughly examine your motorcycle helmet for cracks or any signs of damage. If you notice any cracks or damage on your helmet it should be immediately replaced. In addition, replace any other worn or scratched gear upon inspection. It’s important to remember the gear you wear is intended to protect you, if the gear is compromised it is no longer serving its purpose!

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          To ensure the performance & longevity of your motorcycle, it’s recommended to properly prepare your bike for the upcoming seasons, as well as regularly taking your motorcycle in for maintenance checks. As we mentioned before, it’s always best to contact a professional if you're unsure or have any questions in regards to the maintenance of your motorcycle. With that being said, we hope all of our fellow motorcyclists have a safe and wonderful riding season!

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