• What's the difference between injection and compression molded fairings?

    Posted by John Speights

    If you have a motorbike, perhaps you are thinking about buying fairings to make it look stylish. However, like many others, perhaps you too are in a dilemma about whether a compression or injection molded fairing would be better to buy. Before we plunge into the discussion of these two kinds of motorcycle fairings, it is better to understand the differences between compression molding and injection molding.

    In compression molding, the mold has to be pre-heated before the plastic is poured on it. Then pressure is applied while the pre-heated mold gets cooled down. The extra plastic that remains after the cooling period needs to be removed. Due to pressure differences, it is often seen that compression molded motorcycle fairing kits are more prone to fitting related problems.

    In case of injection molded fairings, already melted ABS plastic is poured into the mold and then uniform pressure is applied all around so that proper shrinkage takes place. Once the plastic is cold and hard, you will notice uniformity throughout the entire part of the product.

    The time taken to prepare compression molded is more compared to its injection molded counterparts. The use of ABS plastic in injection molded fairings makes it a little superior to its compression molded counterparts because ABS plastic is a combination of both style and strength. It is interesting to note here that most of the sport bike fairings use high grade injection molded fairings made of ABS plastic.

    Fairings created with injection molding have all their holes, fasteners and cut-outs completed during the primary phase. Thus, the fairings coming out of the injection mold are complete. However, in compression molded fairings, the fasteners are installed and the holes drilled by workers in secondary operations. Due to the involvement of manual processes, you often don’t get the precise placement of the drilled holes or fasteners in them. A common issue with compression molded is that the installer must align the pieces correctly, which doesn’t happen often. Elongating holes to get proper fitment, moving the fasteners and re-gluing them in the correct drilling holes or location are other pressing issues.

    No wonder that despite injection molded motorcycle fairings being more expensive than their compression molded counterparts, leading brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Hayabusa and Suzuki offer them to their clients for a better fit. You can buy these fairing kits at several leading online and physical stores. You may also get custom injection fairing kits in case you need them to fit some specifications that the usually available ones don’t. For instance, you can get a made-to-order Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa silver and black fairing or Suzuki GSXR1300 red bull replica in case you want to sport your own unique style. Again, if you need some stylish bodywork for your racing bike such as getting hold of Yamaha YZF R1 00-01 race track lower and upper motorcycle fairing kits, you can get them customized to fit your needs.

    To conclude, experts are of the opinion that injection molded motorcycle fairings are a better choice compared to compression molded ones.

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  • Motorcycle Fairing - The making of a OEM Grade Motorcycle Fairing

    Posted by John Speights

    The making of a OEM Grade Motorcycle Fairing

    You see motorcycle fairing options listed all over the internet.  OEM grade motorcycle fairings from the manufacture can $2,000 to $4,000 for your average sports bike (Ninja, CBR etc).  But, keep in mind the same exact manufacturing process is used (injection molding) in after market ABS motorcycle fairings.


    Motorcycle Fairings, Let's step back for a minute

    When I say, 'the same exact manufacturing methods', I talking about motorcycles fairings from Kings Motorcycle Fairings.  Most of the fairings you see on ebay and around the web are PVC based, low grade compressed fairing kits.  Even some of the ABS injection model aftermarket motorcycle fairing kits are questionable at best.  You will noticed kits with a flashy paint job going for about $250 to $400.  In that price range I can assure you installation headaches and fitment issues.  


    You don't have to pay OEM prices to get OEM quality and perfect fitment.  When shopping ask the following questions: 

    Do you use virgin/ high quality ABS plastics?

    Are these truly injection mold abs fairings or compressed fairings (compressed fairings will always need manual fitment fixes

    • What is your paint process?
    • How do you packing and ship them (broken fairing pieces because of poor packaging is typical)?
    • Do you provide bolts?
    • Do you provide a wind screen?
    • Is the motorcycle fairing windscreen compressed or molded?
    • Do you provide wind screen bolts?


    All of these are important questions.  You don't want to be without the correct OEM motorcycle fairing bolts, a good windscreen (compressed or injection molded) and windscreen bolts.  


    Do yourself a favor.  When shopping for ABS motorcycle fairings skip ebay.  You just don't know what your getting on ebay.  Do your research.  Ask around on social media and get example pictures from forums from people who have purchased them from online retailers. It will save you a lot of time and headaches. 

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  • Model Review: Kawasaki ZX 10R

    Posted by staff member

    It's a BEAST of a bike...

    Check out these awesome Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings! The 2015 Kawasaki ZX 10R is the latest in the Ninja line of motorcycles from the famed company. Kawasaki has been heralded over the years for being a very prominent name in the world of motorcycles and the ZX 10R is proof as to just why Kawasaki is such a trustworthy name in this industry.



    The engine on this bike works particularly well. It features a four-stroke 998cc body with a six-speed transmission. The bike does particularly well when moving from one gear to the next. It creates a gentle ride while still bringing the user to the speeds that one wants to get out of the bike without too much effort. It is a great ride that is perfect for all to enjoy for the demands that people might hold.


    People who want to get a better feel for the road when riding on this bike can certainly enjoy it thanks to the great suspension that the Kawasaki ZX 10R uses. The bike uses a 43mm Big Piston Fork on its front suspension to keep the bike sturdy and on the ground while in motion. The springs around the front suspension especially do well when in rocky or bumpy situations.


    The rear suspension also helps to handle movements thanks to its strong damping system. It can especially work wonders when moving from a low to high speed in short periods of time. The kickback that is generated by the suspension will be rather minimal.


    The need to keep one's bike in control is always going to be a critical conceit to find when getting a motorcycle. Kawasaki understands this and has established a strong braking system for anyone's use. The Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-Lock Braking system uses multiple petal discs and four-piston calipers that analyze the pressure that comes onto the bike to make it sturdy and safer for all to enjoy using.


    Kawasaki has designed with Ninja bike with the intention of creating a setup that is easy for all to enjoy using and will not be overly complicated or hard to manage. It uses two fuel injectors for each cylinder in the engine. It ensures that the fuel will actually be used for what it is supposed to be handling without anything being wasted. This especially works well for a fuel tank that has enough space for about 4.5 gallons of fuel at a given time.


    The Kawasaki ZX 10R is a great vehicle for people to explore when finding good motorcycles for the 2015 season. Available starting as low as $14,299, this is a bike that is sturdy and capable of doing more for those who want to have some sturdy controls that they know are going to be perfect for all to experience and enjoy.

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